Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal
Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal

Daniel Murphy with Mervin Doyle (CIBSE Ireland and WIT)  and Patrick Browne

WIT Students Head for Summer Programme in Vienna

Two students from the Department of the Built Environment at WIT have received sponsorship of €500 each from CIBSE Ireland for a master-level summer programme in Vienna. The two, Patrick Browne and Daniel Murphy, have just completed year four of the BEng (Hons) in Sustainable Energy Engineering. Both are also student members of CIBSE.

The summer university programme, Green Building Solutions, in Vienna, offers knowledge from Austrian experts in architecture, structural engineering, ecology and sustainability. Around 40 students from all over the world will take part in this year’s programme. Interdisciplinary knowledge and an exploration of green building and Passivhaus technology will be given in multi-disciplinary lectures and workshops.

The programme is structured so that they will have one week of design lessons, one week of practical workshops and site visits, and one week of working on a design proposal. Make the most of it guys..



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