Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal
Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal

Why chose Building Services Engineering?

Finn Quinlan
Engineering encompasses a wide range of disciplines and offers a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications. This article delves into the personal journey of young mechanical engineer, Finn Quinlan, who worked as an intern in Arup before recently returning to UCD to complete his masters. He outlines here why he selected engineering, sheds light on the factors that contributed to its appeal, and explains how the course experience, including internships and work experience, validate his career choice.

The decision to pursue mechanical engineering is often driven by an innate curiosity about how things work and a passion for problem-solving. The field’s vast potential for innovation, its influence on various industries, and the diverse career paths it offers make it an attractive choice for many people.

I discovered my love of mechanical engineering through exposure to it in secondary school and an inherent fascination with mathematics and physics. Through various internships and college placements, I have gained some experience in the interesting field of building services engineering and, more specifically, mechanical design.

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