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We need legal framework to leverage use of data

Sean Kelly, MEP
Sean Kelly, Ireland South MEP, has been appointed EPP Rapporteur for the European Parliament’s revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), a key component of the EU
“Renovation Wave” and the European Green Deal. The Directive seeks to modernise EU buildings, to make them fit for a greener and more digital society, while creating thousands of sustainable careers across Europe. On foot of this prestigious appointment, he has penned a special article for Building Services Engineering

The EU is currently undergoing an ambitious systemic change in how we produce, consume and store energy. It is clear that addressing sustainability challenges and climate change will be pivotal to the future growth of our economies, as the cost of inaction now will be far exceeded by the costs involved with adaptation, never mind the social and political instability this would create.

We cannot achieve our Green Deal targets without a massive expansion of renewable energy. In this regard, the Commission has proposed the “Fit for 55” Package (see page 46), the largest single batch of legislation to tackle climate change proposed by any government, anywhere. It is designed to update EU laws to meet the new 2030 emissions reduction target of 55% below 1990 levels.

See PDF of full article at Sean Kelly edit

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