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Ventilation … the final frontier?

Simon Jones, Head of Air Quality, Ambisense
The return to office revival has stalled before it got off the ground. Why is this? Well, many people have clearly adapted to home working and many companies now see benefits in providing more flexibility to staff.

The reality, however, is that many people still don’t feel safe coming into the office. While the hygiene theatre of signage and hand sanitisers is still with us, the fact that Covid was, and is, airborne and that poor ventilation is in part (at least) responsible for the spread of this and many other diseases, is not lost on people, writes Simon Jones, Head of Air Quality, Ambisense.

Over the past year, we at Ambisense have been lucky enough to be involved in a number of large projects where customers installed air quality monitors around their offices and campuses to understand and improve ventilation levels. For the most part, particularly in large open-plan areas, the data has shown that ventilation levels were often reasonable and this has helped enormously in returning staff and students to work and university.

However, the data also highlighted something else. When we look across customers, deployments, projects and locations, over 80% of the spaces we monitor where there is a ventilation
issue are meeting rooms, staff rooms and conference rooms. This makes sense of course.

See PDF of full article at Ventilation – meeting rooms final frontier?

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