Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal
Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal

Value of Advertising

How to Evaluate Advertising

When comparing magazines, the question is not so much what’s cheapest but, what value you get for your spend? The quality of the technical articles in Building Services News, coupled with the dedicated coverage of the various professional and representative bodies, sets it apart.

However, trade and product information is equally important. When you advertise in Building Services News you receive complementary editorial coverage. For instance, when you take a page advertisement in a feature, you get a full page of editorial, plus images, free. We also provide advertisement design and make-up free of charge when required.

In addition to the printed edition, every issue is freely available as a pdf download from our website. The current and all back-issues are permanently accessible at the click of a button ( They can be downloaded in seconds and are accessed in page-turner format which is akin to having the printed version on your screen. Moreover, where email addresses and websites are listed on advertisements and in the editorial, they are hyper-linked to provide directs links back to the featured company.

There is also a very strong Linkedin presence.

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