Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal
Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal

The real estate industry is genuinely on the cusp of a digital revolution with regard to intelligent buildings and the use of building space. It is now up to those directly involved in the construction sector to embrace and drive these new concepts and digital skills, so that intelligent building design becomes the norm, leading to a sustainable and healthy future.

Increasingly, the tools and systems available to design, construct and operate buildings are becoming more sophisticated and intelligent. As a result, the impacts on the development and maintenance of buildings are evolving as they are designed to capture and interpret massive amounts of data.

In this first of a series of articles, two leading practitioners within the “intelligent (smart) building” industry – Brian Coogan, Ethos Digital and Stephen Weir, Hereworks – provide a brief overview of what’s needed to design an intelligent building. They also explain how the new roles of Digital Building Consultant (Ethos Digital) and Master System Integrator (Hereworks) complement each other.

Unlocking buildings’ intelligence
The path towards achieving an intelligent building is paved with specific actionable design interventions that enable digital work-flows to function within a safe, technology enabled, high-performance built environment. Across the disciplines of MEP engineering and contracting, key forces are coming together to drive the next wave of digital workflows within the built environment – namely users, intelligent systems and intelligent concepts. At the very core of these workflows is the philosophy of creating a truly human-centric environment for the end-user.

See PDF of full story at Spotlight on ‘Intelligent Buildings’

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