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Smart buildings don’t just satisfy … they inspire!

Smart city or intelligent building isometric concept. Building automation with computer networking illustration. IoT platform future technology.
In the second of two articles looking at intelligent buildings, Brian Coogan, Ethos Digital and Stephen Weir, Hereworks, detail how the new roles of Digital Building Consultant (Ethos Digital) and Master System Integrator (Hereworks) help deliver smart, intelligent buildings.

At its core, a building’s main function is to provide a structurally-sound and environmentally-controlled space in order to house and protect its occupants and contents. A building serves several basic societal needs, including shelter, security, privacy, storage and space to comfortably live and work.

But the world is changing, and new and existing buildings must accommodate these changes. To put it simply, issues like climate change and water shortages, paired with energy challenges and enhanced occupant demands, need to be taken into consideration for the built environment of tomorrow.

So, how do we ensure that the buildings of the present and future will continue to meet these societal needs and allow for any additional needs we could incur? Enter the “Smart Building” – an essential answer to the growing challenges we will face ahead. Smart buildings offer a critical solution to the evolving needs of occupants and the environment. Smart buildings promise to deliver the following:

See PDF of full article at “Smart Buildings” must not just sastisfy … they must inspire!

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