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Skills possessed don’t match skills needed

Paul McCormack
This is the first in a series of six articles examining the skills shortages in the construction sector, the energy efficiency gaps widening as a result of the lack of skills, and how digital transformation can help address these by changing the system. The author is Paul McCormack (right), Innovation Manager, Belfast Metropolitan College.

The green economy is defined as one in which value and growth are maximised across the whole economy, while natural assets are managed sustainably. Such an economy is supported and enabled by a thriving low-carbon, environmental goods and services sector. Central to this new green economy is a vibrant green construction sector that would help contribute increased resource efficiency and resilience to climate change.

So, how does that impact those in the built environment? In many countries across Europe the generational baby boom of the 1950s and 1960s is now retiring from the workforce and leaving big gaps behind. Smaller succeeding generations mean that there are fewer people available to fill these newly-vacant roles. This generational gap – allied with the negative stereotype about construction work – has led to a mismatch of skills needed versus skills possessed.

Further compounding the problem is the increasing “university pathway” pressure on young adults and an accompanying drop in lieu of those taking up trades.

See PDF of full article at Sklls possessed don’t match skills needed

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