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Simon Jones, Head of Air Quality, Ambisense
Simon Jones, one of the leading experts in the ventilation and IAQ sectors, has been appointed Head of Air Quality, Ambisense. Founded in 2014, Ambisense combines IoT sensors and smart software for a data-driven approach to risk management. Its solutions cater for the geo-environmental and air quality sectors, and are used in infrastructure and construction projects, as well as across the indoor air quality and smart buildings markets.

Simon has been in building services and the built environment sectors for nearly two decades and has consistently been a voice for better standards and approaches in the industry. “I have seen first-hand the transformative effect good air quality and indoor environments have on people’s health and wellbeing”, he says, “and I firmly believe that for the first time we are moving into a new era where buildings are starting to talk us. We now have an opportunity to listen and act.

“But data without purpose is just noise. I have been really impressed with Ambisense and their approach to data science and environmental analytics. I am genuinely excited by what they are already capable of, and I look forward to bringing my experience of the sector to bear and the impact we can have together.”

Contact: Simon Jones, Ambisense. T: 086 025 2210; E:

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