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Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal

Regulatory Compliance — Obstacle or Opportunity?

Regulatory Compliance — Obstacle or Opportunity?

Time and again down through the years the building services sector, and construction in general, has reacted with caution, if not hostility, towards suggested changes in standards and regularity controls.

This attitude became even more entrenched with greater control shifting to the EU. Thankfully, that head-in-the-sand attitude is changing, with professionals in the sector now fully accepting the need for sensible regulatory controls. Indeed, most understand that such changes offer opportunities.

This issue of Building Services News features two such developments. One is the F Gas Regulation revision agreed just before Christmas. While negotiations were tense, a compromise was eventually reached, thereby providing a degree of regulatory certainty in the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump markets that is essential going forward.

The other is the ErP Directive in relation to pumps. This was enacted last January and today, manufacturers and installers are reaping the benefits of newly-generated business.

The message is clear – embrace change and turn it to your advantage.


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