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Potential ban on pre-charged kit

Possible EU proposals to ban sales of equipment pre-charged with refrigerant is another industry topic very much in the news. “From the manufacturer’s point of view“, says Derek Phelan (pictured), “this is do-able. From the installer’s point of view, however, it would mean that systems would have to be charged on site, with the additional time and cost this would involve.

“It would also add to the potential risk of refrigerant loss to the atmosphere. Charging refrigerant on site at thousands of locations across the country, no matter how carefully done, will never be as controllable, precise or safe as in the manufacturer’s factory conditions, where charging is fully automated. Bluon refrigerant is a safer alternative and environmentally friendly. 

“Toshiba believes the key to ensuring that leaks are minimised is improved standards of training for installers and making sure current regulations on certification and competence are enforced.

“If the issue is accountability and traceability, then it would be straightforward to require manufacturers to provide returns documenting the quantity of refrigerant supplied in pre-charged equipment.

“If the issue is reducing refrigerant release during installation, servicing and ongoing operation, then policing the existing requirements and improving training is the most effective way of ensuring this.

“Toshiba Air Conditioning takes the issue of refrigerant containment very seriously and our suite of detection and containment solutions provides complete assurance for installers, end users, building occupiers and the environment.”

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