Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal
Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal

David Tennyson, Managing Director Europe, MHT Lighting Dublin.

PoE for ‘smart building readiness’

MHT Lighting – the American software development and lighting services company – has opened a dedicated Dublin office to spearhead its introduction to the Irish and European markets. It is a pure PoE (Power over Ethernet) provider of lighting management solutions, interfaced with technical building systems (TBS).

InspeXtor, the MHT software platform, provides total “smart building readiness” of energy, environmental and social management for all buildings. This is essential in today’s marketplace given advancements in LED lumen/w performance and tunability, lighting point density throughout buildings, sensor capability of transferring critical building data parameters (for example temperature, humidity, occupancy, daylighting harvesting and asset tracking), along with advanced AI capability.

Lighting/sensor PoE across Cat 5e/6, exactly as per IP voice, security camera and employee scanning networks, becomes The backbone of the building infrastructure and provides immeasurable analytics to energy managers, facility managers, space managers, real estate and owners. The PoE switch provides DC power and data communications throughout the lighting/sensor network, allowing fine tuning of energy use, vacant space usage, use of available daylight, and local temperature and humidity linked to IEQ (indoor air quality).

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InspeXtor, MHT software platform