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Oil and gas market surveillance

Mark Cafferkey leads market surveillance activities relating to building engineering services at SEAI.
According to CSO data, in 2016 gas and oil boilers accounted for up to 1.2 million space heating products in Ireland. Although Government strategy is to encourage low carbon technologies and, in particular heat pumps, gas and oil boilers will continue to feature in the market in both the short and medium-term, writes Mark Cafferkey, SEAI.

Boilers sold in Ireland and the EU must meet standards set out in EU regulations relating to Ecodesign and energy labelling. These regulations are in place to ensure that the products meet minimum levels of energy efficiency and other parameters which impact the environment.

The EU Ecodesign Directive and EU Energy Labelling Regulation are important policy tools contributing approximately one third of the EU’s 55% emissions target by 2030, and financial savings of over €118bn on consumer expenditure.

How are products monitored? The success of these regulations depends on compliance. Non-compliant products can be harmful to consumers and the environment.

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