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Kieran Cowman – His wonderful sense of humour, and his infectious laugh, meant even the rainiest of days were still great fun.
when Kieran was involved.
The late Kieran Cowman, Technical Director at Euro Gas, was the quintessential boilerman, known and respected by all in the industry as the “go to” guy with heating problems. He worked in the sector for much of his life but, it was when he joined Euro Gas in 2004 that he found his work home. This is where he really became “the boilerman”.

As his daughter, Ruth, recalled during her wonderful address at his memorial service, boilers were something he was passionate about. He loved pointing out those buildings Euro Gas had supplied heating systems to, often indicating flue pipes and saying: “Jesus, would you look at the flue on that building.” He would actually bring her in to boiler rooms to enthuse, or otherwise, about the installation. To a 14 year-old girl that did not seem like the most fascinating thing, but she always marvelled at his enthusiasm. He was a man with more pictures of boiler parts and boiler rooms on his phone than his family!

Just like in other areas of his life, when it came to boilers and heating systems, Kieran was always there to help, even after many years when warranties would have run out. He always had time to talk and engage with his clients, and not just about work, but also about family and life in general.

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