Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal
Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal

Pat Barry, CEO, Irish Green Building Council (centre) with conference speakers Patrick Moloney,
Director at Ramboll Denmark, and Sylvain Grisot, urban planner and founder of dixit.ieat
On 3 May last over 300 building professionals gathered in Croke Park for the IGBC Annual Conference “Build Green Now” to discuss the future of construction and the built environment, and what is required to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

Opening the conference, Pat Barry, CEO of the Irish Green Building Council (IGBC), stressed the significant progress made in recent years in making homes greener. For instance, Ireland now has an ambitious and well-resourced national retrofit programme, providing greater certainty to the industry. Awareness of the need to tackle the global warming potential of buildings across their lifecycle has also increased significantly among building professionals.

With 2023 being the warmest year on record and Ireland experiencing an ever-increasing housing crisis, there is no time for “business as usual” or incremental steps. Sustainable and affordable homes can be delivered at scale, and in doing so, greener and healthier urban spaces can be created, but this requires a revolution in how we think and act about buildings, infrastructure and transport.

See PDF of full article at IGBC Conference

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