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Humidifying Facebook

Condair’s UK distributor, JS Humidifiers, has manufactured and supplied 52 HumEvap MC3 evaporative humidifiers to Facebook for its newly-built data centre in Luleå, Sweden. The humidifiers provide moisture to the incoming cold, dry Nordic air that the data centre uses to condition the atmosphere inside its data halls.

Peter Liddle, associate at Cundall, the consulting M&E engineers for the project, explains: “Facebook Luleå is employing a direct air cooling strategy within its data halls which uses the cold outside air to maintain the required internal temperature. Luleå’s cold dry climate means that humidification is an essential component within the air conditioning process as, without it, the internal humidity could drop as low as 2%RH. This low level of humidity would be unhealthy for staff and present an increased risk to the servers from electro-static discharge.”

The humidification system at Facebook Luleå is one of the largest installations of its type in the world. Two penthouse ventilation areas above the data halls each incorporate 26 evaporative humidifiers, with the full length of each system stretching over 67m wide and standing 5m high.

At full output both systems combine to deliver 11,700 litres of moisture per hour to the air stream entering the data halls, while operating on a maximum of just 32kW/h of electricity. The evaporative humidifiers also incorporate in-tank ultra violet water purification to inhibit microbial growth and maintain hygienic operation.

JS Humidifiers has also worked extensively across Ireland, both in data centres and other applications. Projects include those with Dell Computers, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific, Bombardier, Liffey Meats and the National Gallery of Ireland, among many more.

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