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Stimulating the skills for data management

Concept of digital transformation with businessman
This is the final article in a series of six that have been specifically designed to inform, support and assist industry and individuals within the built environment to embrace, engage and map their individual digital transformation journey. In the first three articles we detailed the tools required by industry to build their digitalisation pathway. Articles four and five mapped the cardinal points on the sat nav for the journey, and in this article we look at how to stimulate demand for skills training to populate the journey, motivate industry and the learner, inspire engagement, ensure they continue the journey, and motivate and ensure that all the passengers stay the course.

Continuous Learning

In meeting the demands of today’s forever-advancing technologies, it is more necessary now than ever that staff engage in a continuous learning process to remain skilled in their jobs and stay abreast of the technological advances. Continuous learning is made possible by the advances in digitalisation that enable the process to address the social and democratic parts of the learning process, thereby empowering the learner to engage.

Continuous learning is a process whereby the learner chooses where, when and how to engage. They are in charge of the process, deciding on their own engagement, developing their own learning pathway, and creating a learning paradigm in balance with their home and work life.

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