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Heat pumps ‘shortly on Energy Credits list’

Since its formation the HPA has taken a pro-active approach to promoting heat pump technology for use in Ireland. Contact with SEAI has been constant and has resulted in items such as the fuel cost comparison sheets including heat pumps for the first time, clearly demonstrating the savings that are possible by using a heat pump as opposed to other fuel sources. It is evident from the comparison that saving over oil and LPG are the most attractive when looking at paybacks, and the percentage savings are “quite staggering”, according to a HPA spokesperson.

Another area which is being investigated is a revamp of the training provided to heat pump installers as a basic level of education. The HPA wants a minimum standard of training to be implemented to ensure correct installation and operation of heat pump equipment in the market.

Both the HPA and the SEAI are in regular discussions on this topic and there is an ambition on both sides to get a positive result as soon as possible.

In another development HPA says that heat pumps will shortly be added to the energy credits list for the first time. “The level of credits that heat pumps will receive is testament to the energy savings that a heat pump will give once installed in a building”, said a spokesperson.

“Real energy savings are evident and this is only possible because heat pumps give primary energy efficiencies in excess of 100%, making them a truly sustainable heating device for today and the future”, he concluded.

With more and more electricity generated from renewable sources such as wind, it is obvious that heat pumps have a major role to play in the heating of Irish buildings into the future. The HPA will endeavour to help build a sustainable market for heat pumps, and get the message out that saving money and energy is possible when a heat pump is used.


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