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Hence Eamon McGrattan has turned to the high seas. He has always loved messing about on boats and developed an interest in fishing so he could get out on the water. We decided to get a couple flashers to hopefully help us catch fish. Not surprisingly, he inherited some of this from his late father, Eamon Snr, who was a very keen boating enthusiast. Folding boat seats are available in both hard mount and good looking designs. High back seats can also be folded when not in use to improve its visibility. Other boat seats are designed to be lean, but yet have some body support to balance. Some fishing boat seats are constructed with cushion like plastic material encoded in it. These seats can be positioned any where or any place in the boats. Folding chairs are also very common and popular in the same way like Folding Seats. They can also be adjusted and moved in any direction and placed in any direction in the boats. You can Learn More here for the one stop source for top quality marine supplies. These Folding chairs are popular for exterior deck areas or even if you are fishing at a dock. Ask the dock staff to ensure that everything you need is on order, like your tank is full, you have the right bait, they can help you with every step you go to open water with their dock equipment, and when you come back you can even have a cleaning, packaging, and freezing of your catch for take home, free of charge no matter what plan are you on.

A common folding chair known as High Back Fold Down chair, is used commonly in boats which is very useful for traveling. Folding boat seats are of many types and are discussed as follows. Wise Low-back Economy chair, Wise folding chair, Wise High-back Economy, Wise Premium High-back Folding, Action Fold-Down Padded seat and so on. Seat covers are also available along with Boat seats. They look very pleasant and very attractive too. Wise premium folding chair feature of the art, high impact plastic frames, the same quality is needed by the manufacturers. High back provides extra back and shoulder support for all day fishing. For a good comfort position some plastic like seal is mounted on it that protects it from dust. Economy folding seats are available with different attractable colors and designs. Usually grey and white colors are available. The Deluxe Folding boat seat is built around a strong high impact material. These seats are fully filled with cushion like components which will be very useful for the travelers and tress passers. High back plastic frame folding seat features high impact plastic frames and marine grade. Maximum 5 years and Minimum 1 year warranty is given. Wise high back boat seats feature high impact plastic frames and mildew resistant. Premium folding seats are high quality, marine seats, captain chairs and so on. Molded plastic frames and premium grade marine over extra thick cushions. Door delivery of those seats are also available. Marine products, particularly marine electronics are the specialized items which cannot be found easily. To buy these specialized items, one needs to look for reputable supplier. While hunting for the boat supplies, you need a professional supplier who has been associated with this business from quite a long time and holds good knowledge about each and every marine product that you may require. Look for a reputed supplier who provides an extensive variety of marine electronics, equipments and accessories to give you a better chance to choose from various options. For instance, if you are searching for boat seats, then they should be able to provide you good variety of options for all types of boat seats such as leaning posts, helm seats, captain’s chair etc. Besides the wide product range, they should be able to provide you good customer assistance and services. The supplier should offer you with excellent after sale services because most of the time you may not have a good knowledge and expertise about the products and equipments that you choose for the boat. Moreover, they should guide you well about the functioning and maintenance of the marine products that you choose. Excellent customer support and services must ensure that the supplier not only help you while shopping, but also help you in explaining the proper functioning and maintenance of the product in future.

However, keeping a boat of any significant size these days can be expensive and so Eamon decided to turn his hobby into a business, thereby giving him the best of both worlds. He devised the business plan as part of his MBA studies in DCU and so had fully researched the concept before starting out last year. He even went so far as to sell his existing boat and get a new one designed and built to meet the needs of the business.Also make sure you carry the best penn spinning reels and other quality fishing tools which can help enhance your fishing experience while on a trip.

Eamon has also completed all the necessary navigation, sea safety, and health and safety-related courses, and is fully licenced to offer charters for groups of up to 12 people at a time. Rods, reels, feathers were bought from the fly fishing gifts store and were provided. There is even a BBQ that can be fired up to cook freshly-caught fish.

While Malahide Charter Boat is the formal company name that operates the business, Fish & Trips – the name emblazoned across the side of the 36ft by 12ft boat – aptly captures the essence of the service provided. Fish & Trips provides three different packages:

• Sightseeing and marine wildlife tours around Lambay Island;

• Mackeral fishing trips to one of the islands off Dublin;

• Sea angling for the more experienced/serious angler.

A mixture of all three, or a combination of any two, can also be provided.

Sound like fun? Why not give Eamon a call at 086 – 467 4411 or email him at

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