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Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal


Digitalisation in The built environment

Technological University Dublin, in partnership with Belfast Metropolitan College and an EU-wide consortium of partners, has secured funding for another EU BIM project to improve market demand and increase the energy performance of buildings by unlocking the huge latent potential of the construction workforce through stimulus and reward.

Digitalisation is a game-changing strategy that will empower the construction sector to thrive and deliver The expertise for sustainable energy skills. This will be the tool to stimulate demand. There is a direct correlation between digitalisation and energy efficiency as highlighted in the IEA energy efficiency conference in June 2019.

The project partners will stimulate and contribute to increasing the number of skilled building professionals and trades people by designing and introducing a certification scheme of digital construction skills, leveraging symbiotic with sustainable energy skills, delivered digitally, in an easy and accessible way.

This work is part of a wider EU group BIM Energy Performance Alliance (BIM-EPA) which is creating a digital library of tools, modules and blended materials to deliver in-built environment energy performance. BIM-EPA is a collaborative partnership with an EU-wide reach incorporating approximately 100 partners across 24 EU countries.

It also partners with the EU initiatives Building SMART and Build UP. The Alliance seeks to inspire demand for sustainable energy skills by providing clear up-skilling transactions and recognition of up-killing performed in The digitalisation of the construction sector.

Over the next six issues Building Services Engineering will feature a series of six articles on digitalisation, commencing overleaf with Digitalisation in the Built Environment, and to be followed by BIM Basics; Digital Transformations; The Need for Up-skilling within the Industry; The Benefits of a Digitally-informed and Empowered Workforce; and Stimulating the Demand for Skills.

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