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Ciaran Moody, General Manager, Mitsubishi Electric
While the popularisation, over-use and mis-use of certain terminology and phrases can very often undermine their meaning, it is vitally important that sustainability, carbon reduction, energy saving and wellbeing do not fall in to this category.

Taken together, they represent the core fundamentals that will help sustain not just the future of the planet, but of a fully-functioning, just society. However, the challenge now is to devise strategies that harness and realise the spirit of these objectives in their true sense, and to avoid “green- washing” initiatives that have no substance.

With the exception of the naysayers who continue to ignore the evidence, the world at large understands the serious predicament humanity now faces. Consequently, it is essential that we realise a net zero, decarbonised society, sooner rather than later.

As market leader in providing healthy, comfortable indoor environments, Mitsubishi Electric is at the forefront in striving to achieve that. Having just celebrated its centenary anniversary, it can point to the development of progressively-innovative products and systems that had their origin in its first successful indoor air quality product, an electric fan for consumer use.

“For us it is all about providing quality, integrated indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions that meet the needs
generated by social change while, at the same time, addressing the broader issue of climate change,” says Ciaran Moody, General Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Ireland.

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