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Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal

Data centre peace of mind by Core AC

Consequently, it is perhaps the most complex area of building services and one which requires specialist attention based on experience, knowledge, technical know-how and product quality. Core Air Conditioning is one of the few companies operating in the field who match this exacting criteria.

Core has a long-standing reputation as one of the leading market players providing customised indoor environment control, and is especially renowned for delivering comprehensive turnkey packages for data centres and computer rooms. It has a wealth of experience and technical expertise in the field, thanks to its own data center relocation plan executed by highly-qualified, in-house engineers, and its partnership with the global Emerson Group and, by extension, Liebert.

Whether it is a new build or retrofit situation, Core engages with the client, the consultant and contractor (as appropriate) from the earliest possible stage, and only proposes a solution when all the relevant parameters have been thoroughly discussed and clarified. Invariably they include free-cooling chillers, cold aisle containment, modulating in-row cooling units, high-efficiency UPS systems, etc.

Key issues considered at the design stage are power, cooling, metering, monitoring, fire suppression, leak detection, etc. These are then analysed in relation to the specific needs of the client to help identify gaps in power and cooling infrastructure, reduce operating costs, improve IT system availability, and plan for additional IT capacity.

Core also offers a full range of professional assessments, electrical testing and service management
support, not just to prevent downtime, but to enhance data center performance while containing
energy-usage costs.

Indeed, underpinning the entire process is the system’s power usage effectiveness (PUE). When designing
the technical spec for the project, capital costs and day-to-day operating costs are considered in equal measure
to system performance and reliability.

This emphasis is also carried through to ongoing maintenance procedures. Core’s pro-active
maintenance programmes can significantly extend the life of the power systems, decrease capital
investment, optimise system efficiency and effectiveness, and increase overall system availability. This is done by way of a combination of the following:
– Preventive maintenance;
– Remote monitoring;
– Professional assessments;
– Upgrades;
– Efficiency of emergency response;
– Service management and support.

Continuous on-site and in-house system monitoring prevents major system failures. Potential problems are invariably flagged quite early so they can be dealt with quickly and efficiently before they become a major issue. To that end Core offers 24-hour call-out, seven days a week, 365 days of the year. It also has its own dedicated engineers who liaise with, and respond to, the client’s Facilities Manager directly.

Apart from optimised system performance, trouble-free operation and excellent energy usage, what Core Air Conditioning provides most of all is client peace of mind.

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