Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal
Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal

Can we cope with an uplift?

While building services has been wishing for a business upturn for far too long, now that it has begun to happen (in some sectors at least), new challenges are emerging.

Companies that survived the construction industry collapse did so by reassessing their business plans, streamlining their management and operational structures and, more than anything else, by down-sizing.

Many of those companies are now experiencing an uplift, not just in enquiries but in projects awarded. This is especially apparent in the commercial sector where renovation, refurbishment and replacement has resulted in a measurable increase in business.

Having downsized/trimmed overheads – especially staff numbers – some companies are now faced with the dilemma of being short-staffed. How about that for irony?

The challenge is, do they risk taking on extra staff? Even if they do, where will they find the suitable personnel? Far too many of the sector’s best-qualified and experienced people are now working abroad.

How the industry responds to this, and other challenges related to this relative upturn in the economy, will determine the future of the business.


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