Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal
Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal

Call for more diverse study modules and better mentoring

Samreet Singh
In this special article Samreet Singh, a graduating student from the Building Services (Hons) degree course in TU Dublin, reviews his experience over the last four years. In doing so he highlights areas where the curriculum and course delivery could be improved, and also suggests that prospective employers need to re-appraise how they manage fresh intakes, especially with regard to mentoring.

Student experience
Building Services (Hons) in TU Dublin has two common entry routes – one through the honours mechanical engineering course and the other through first graduating the ordinary building services degree. Generally, in the second year of honours mechanical engineering, students are given the choice between continuing to third year in either building services, mechanical or manufacturing engineering. History and statistics confirm that only the smallest percentage of students choose building services as their course.

But why is that? Experience says that the perception of building services engineering by students is where the issue emanates from. Students perceive the course as too “limited” with the notion that the course itself only involves pipe-sizing and duct layout design, with similar convictions with regard to job roles after graduating. They lack the slightest hint of alternative subject matter covered such as modelling and simulation, acoustics, lighting design and the like.

See PDF of full article at Samreet Singh — Course delivery must match market reality

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