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BIM – Automate the boring stuff with AutoM8

AutoM8 developer Paul Flanagan

In order to meet tight project deadlines, while also allowing adequate time for necessary document reviews and checks, it is paramount to leverage modern technology to work efficiently. Automation is key to meeting this challenge and Paul has been working to develop tools to leverage data which model. AutoCT, the first add-in available in the AutoM8 suite, is designed to route circuits along check electrical cable tray and ladder sizes to ensure there are no undersized, oversized or unused routes.

Traditionally, carrying out checks for containment size is a time-consuming, manual task. To do the calculation circuit routes need to be identified and assigned to each run of containment. Then the cable characteristics, including size, type, number of cores, supports and installation methods, all need to be accounted for. While a single calculation by itself is simple, large projects having thousands of cables easily become very complex.

As a project progresses through detailed design stage, multiple recalculations can be required if the cable configuration or routes change. Very often the minor circuit routes are never accounted for due to the quantity of calculations required.

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