Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal
Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal

Paul McCormack with Michael Curran, Avril Behan, Michael Earley and Joseph Mady.
In the first three articles of this series we looked at the tools that the construction sector could avail of to build a pathway to digitalisation success. The fourth detailed the need for upskilling in the industry, and this article will outline some of the benefits that the sector can secure if it continues to engage on this journey, writes Paul McCormack, Innovation Manager, Belfast Metropolitan College.

Construction in Ireland is experiencing significant internal challenges – labour shortages, supply chain problems and cost controls. These are compounded by external challenges such as the demand to reduce the construction C02 footprint, and the energy consumption of buildings.

Despite strong pipelines of work (€1.64 trillion of construction-related turnover estimated for the EU market during the next five years), attracting young people into the sector is difficult, partly because of a perceived lack of stability, modernity and diversity in the sector.

As detailed in previous articles, construction is one of the slowest to innovate, lying second last on the innovation table, just above the agricultural sector.

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