Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal
Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal

This new project is an evolvement of the last BIM (Building Information Modelling) project and its BIM modules that Belfast Met also took the lead on (see page 38 of May/June 2021 issue). ARISE’s mission is to support the twin transition of the construction sector and to contribute to the European Recovery and Resilience Plans 2021-2027, by providing the construction sector workforce with the digital and sustainable energy skills of the future.

Paul McCormack, Belfast Met Innovation Manager and ARISE Programme Manager.

ARISE will revolutionise the learning process by monetising skills development and learning exchange with a digital system based on skills recognition rather than accreditation. The training and transaction system developed by the project will reward learners as they achieve competence at a certain level with the crypto currency for skills exchange – CERTcoin – the innovative currency of skills and learning of the construction sector embracing today’s digital transformation benefits.

This reward based on skills and time credits will be stored in an Individual “Learning Account” and can be used, for example, as digital points accumulation in a skills barometer or for exchanging into valid certificates. It will be an easier, accessible, less time-consuming and still competitive way to up-skill blue and white collars, as well as the market demand side in public administration, clients and owners.

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