Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal
Ireland's only dedicated building services engineering journal

Earlier this year at a time when a plethora of requests were being published for an initiative to solve the imminent water emergency, the European Commission abandoned the Water Resilience Initiative. EFCA was only one of the Federations that was dismayed by this move, which was purely political. Sensitive to the timing in the run up to the European elections and, significantly, the selection of European Commissioners, it seemed that the highest-ranking EU officials had rather lost their bottle.

In this article Sue Arundale, Director General EFCA, looks at what EFCA’s priorities are and how the Federation has been highlighting the work of consulting engineers who have the solutions to some of the biggest challenges being faced.

Without wishing to make readers depressed, the consequences of not taking action are unthinkable and the time is now – as soon as the post-election shuffling of people and positions has finished. The good news is that engineers have the answers.

See full article at Efca Tackles Water Resilience

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